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You Sell...We do the Rest!

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Our office opening hours are 8.30am until 5pm from Mon - Fri or email us at: mail@perryremovals.com




As with all outsourced services there are many questions you want to ask to help resolve the initial concerns.

Here are some of the more familiar questions customers like yourselves have asked us, accompanied with our answers. If you have any more questions not included on this page please feel free to contact us.

We have categorised them to help you more:

Storage Restrictions

  • CostQ. What is your costing structure?

Q. What is your costing structure?

A. The first and most common question asked. Our costing is bespoke subject to your storage requirements. We wil ask you::::

- how often stock is likely to turnover (rate of goods in and goods out)

- if it can be palletised

- if pack and send service is required

- estimated volume

Cheaper containerised and self-store options are available too.Q qq


QQ. Some general figures?

A. Storage - £1.50 per cubic metre.

Palletised - Recieving and dispatch £3.00.

Palletised Storage - EU pallet £2.50 per week, Standard Pallet £3.75 per week .. . . Con

Container £10.00 per week.

Manual Handling - £20.00 per hour

Manager Services - £30.00 per hour

Disposal - £15.00 for the first 150kgs (working on the basis that there are no specific disposal requirements for those goods).


Q. Packaging and resources costs?

A. Our packaging and resources costs are:
Small boxes = £1.50
Large boxes = £2.00
Packing paper = £9.90
Premium tape = £2.00
Standard tape = £1.50
Bubble wrap = £45 per roll (£4.50 per metre)
Shrink wrap = £7.50
Pallets = available on rotation basis
Other resources available upon request.

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  • e-Warehousing
  1. Q. What is e-Warehousing?

  2. A. e-Warehousing is the next step in warehousing providing real-time stock control and updates, pictured inventory and the opportunity to create orders for despatch of your goods anytime, anywhere over the internet.


  1. Q. Why should I choose e-Warehousing?

  2. A. The reason you should choose e-Warehousing is it will enable you to focus on more important aspects of your business, leaving the storage, handling and distribution to us!
    As we like to say You sell...we do the rest!


  1. Q. Do you provide standard warehousing services too?
  1. A. We can provide Standard warehousing too.

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  • Location
  1. Q. Where are you based?
    A. Our main depot is based next to Stansted (London) airport. Here we have alarmed warehouses with pallet racking, stillages and containers available.

  2. Q. How many other warehouses do you have?
    A. We have other warehouse sites based in East Anglia, with two near Cambridge. They are fully alarmed with forklift services available.

  3. Q. What is the furthest you will deliver?
    A. There is no limit to our delivery services. All over the UK, Europe and Overseas services are available.

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  • Delivery
  1. Q. What delivery services do you offer?

  2. AAA. We have courier contracts for the most economical delivery options along with our own vans and lorries for larger deliveries. Next day and same day delivery can be arranged.

  3. Q. Do you offer collection?
    A. Collection is also avaialble from any location. If there is a need for collection from a port for shipped goods this is also available. Unloading of containers from import is another service we offer.

  4. Q. What is the size limit?
    A. Our range of vehicles spans from small vans, to transit vans, 3.5t vans, 7.5t lorries, 14t lorries and even 18t lorries if required.

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  • Packing
  1. Q. Do you offer packing services?

  2. AAA. Packing services are fully available. We have a large number of experienced staff who can provide various types of packaging including export wrapping, crating etc.

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  • Security
  1. Q. Are your warehouses alarmed?
    A. All our warehouses are alarmed. There are security cameras to provide additional security.
  1. Q. Do we have access to the warehouses?
    A. During business hours you are able to have accompanied access to the warehouse.

  2. Q. Are the warehouses clean and dry?
    A. We pride ourselves on the high level of service we provide and ensure our warehouses are kept clean and tidy with constant monitoring.

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  • Storage restrictions
  1. Q. What items do you not store?

    A. At present we do not store any dangerous or hazardous goods, and no perishables.

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